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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Istano Pagaruyuang

Indonesian Traveling, View and Beauty - Istano Basa are better known Istano Pagaruyuang (Pagaruyung Palace), is a palace located in the Nagari Pagaruyuang Golden Horn district, Tanah Datar regency, West Sumatra, it is about 5 kilometers from the Batusangkar City. This palace is famous cultural sights in West Sumatra. While Pagaruyuang Istano distance to the city of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province is about 105 kilometers. Istano Pagaruyung a mainstay attraction Tanah Datar. In addition, Istano Pagaruyung is also one of the "icon" of West Sumatra tourism. Almost every travel agency in the province of West Sumatra always include them in a package that they offer. The building is shaped palace Pagaruyung custom house minang or often known as the "house just" the size of a very large and buffalo horn-shaped roof that curved tapered upwards.

Rumah Gadang (English: Big House) consists of 11 gonjong, 72 milestone, and 3 floors. The exterior and interior is equipped with a variety of carvings every shape and color engravings have the philosophy of history and culture of Minangkabau. While in the living room showcased a variety of historical objects such as ceramics Pagaruyung royal heritage and handicraft objects from Minang. Interestingly, all the milestones that support the building of the course is skewed somewhat at odds with the existing architectural theory but does not reduce the robustness of the building itself. In addition, in the yard, the palace is also equipped with a surau building, "rangkiang" (which serves as a place to store the crop), and "tabuah" (to call residents).

Istano Pagaruyung itself is a replica of the original building Istano Rajo Alam Pagaruyung. The original of Isatano Pagaruyuang is burned by the Dutch in the bloody riots in 1804 and rebuilt and burned again in 1966. In 1976 Istano Pagaruyuang built again .. Istano rebuilding process is done by laying the tongue stump tuo (main mast) on December 27, 1976 by the then Governor of West Sumatra, Harus Zain. The new building was not established on the site of the Old Palace, but in a new location in the south. In the late 1970s, the palace has been able to be visited by the public.
On February 27, 2007, Istano Pagaruyung struck by a fire caused by lightning strikes the top of the palace. As a result, the building was burnt down three levels. Also partially burned documents, and ornate fabrics. Estimated that only about 15 percent of the valuables that survived. Items that escaped from the fire is now stored in the Central Archaeological Objects Tanah Datar. Pagaruyung own kingdom treasures stored in Istano Silinduang Bulan, 2 kilometers from Istano Basa, and has done rebuilding. The palace was motivated by the youngest mountain panorama that is tourist facilities.

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