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Monday, September 17, 2012

Batu Batikam

Indonesia View - Batu Batikam (West Sumatra)

Indonesian Traveling, View and Beauty - Besides Batu Basurek (Written Stone), at the Batusangkar City there are other attractions Batu Batikam (stone stabbing). Batu Batikam in the Indonesian language, meaning stone stabbing. What exactly is Batu Batikam roadside Nagari Lima Kaum, or about 10 minutes from Batusangkar City.

The hole is at the Batikam Stone was stabbed by a dagger belonging Datuak Parpatiah Nan Sabatang, which makes the stone as a symbol of peace between the leaders of the ruling at the time, namely Datuak Parpatiah Nan Sabatang and Datuak Katumanggungan.
Around the area, there is also the composition of the rocks that used to be a place for deliberation by the chiefs. The atmosphere is a little different feel when we visit there, especially the presence of a huge banyan tree makes aura around Batu Batikam look scary.

Origin Story of Batu Batikam

Datuak Parpatiah Nan Sabatang and Datuak Katumanggungan two brothers are different father. Datuak Parpatiah Sabatang Nan is a person who was born of a father who has aristocratic blood (wise men), while Datuak Katumanggungan is a person who was born of a father who autocrats (king-haves). But both are born from a womb of mother, an ordinary woman.

Datuak Parpatiah want a society governed in a democratic spirit, or in order, "Sit as low, standing as tall". However Datuak Katumanggungan want the people arranged in a hierarchical order "tiered same ride, same bertangga down". And because of these differences they both fight.

To avoid conflict and not hurt each other, and Datuak Datuak Parpatiah Katumanggungan then stabbed with a dagger as rock impingement emotions. Therefore Batikam Stone has a hole through from the front side to the rear.

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